Back to make an impact for one game

Scott Crissey made a major impact on the court in Friday’s boys’ varsity basketball senior night game. Crissey is not your typical basketball player. While he plays a key role for the team, it may not be in the way you think. He travels with them to all away games and is at every home, but he is actually the team manager.

Crissey played for the Wildcats until he tore his meniscus in 10th grade. During the surgery to repair the tear, doctors discovered that the cartilage in his knee was severely worn and advised him to stop playing. Which he did — until Friday.

“My expectations going into Senior Night were not very high,” Crissey said. “I only expected to play a few minutes at the end of the game. Getting to play was a surreal experience as I have always dreamt of playing on Senior Night in front of that crowd.”

The crowd cheered loudly and embraced the moment as Crissey played his final game. 

“Getting that opportunity meant the world to me,” he said.

The boys will play their next game at Space Coast Jr/Sr High School, and even though Crissy will not be wearing a jersey, there is no doubt he will be wearing a smile and words of encouragement for his teammates.

By Lena Hatter