Suspect triggers shelter in place procedure

This past week the school had a type of lockdown that required administration, the school resource officer and the janitors to take surveillance of the campus. School Resource Officer Valerie Butler filled teachers in on what was happening and for them to listen for more instruction over the announcements.

“The patrol officers that work the road in the area stopped a car in the neighborhood right adjacent to the school,” Butler said. “It happened to be a stolen vehicle and when they stopped the vehicle, the driver fled on foot into the neighborhood and was not be able to be located right away.“

While the school warning system worked as planned, the shelter-in-place announcement disturbed sophomore Jane Theofiledes. 

“I honestly was really scared because with everything that has been happening lately in the world,” she said. “I just got really nervous, so I texted my mom and the teachers I know right away and I asked them, if they knew what’s going on, and yeah I was really scared.”

Not long after the announcements and the shelter in place lockdown took place, the suspect was apprehended by a police officer in an unmarked police vehicle. After the suspect was apprehended, the lockdown was lifted right at the end of seventh period and class continued as normal for the rest of the day.

By Joshua Lopez