Art teacher joins wife’s ‘second family’

Art teacher joins wife’s ‘second family’

Art teacher Matthew Henderson directs his students through an art assignment Friday.

When newly hired art teacher Matthew Henderson arrived for work on the first day of school, he felt as if he already knew the place. Perhaps that’s because his wife, Melissa, has taught in the math department for several years.

“She always talks about [her students],” he said. “You’re like a second family to her, so it’s nice to be a part of her second family now.”

Henderson said he’s glad to have second opportunity to work with his wife.

“That was a good draw,” he said. “We worked together at Key West High School for a while. It’s nice for both of us to be able to know the students.”

Henderson replaces former art teacher Annamarie Zink, who transferred to Eau Gallie High School. He will assume all of her extracurricular responsibilities, including sponsoring the National Art Honor Society.

“I’ve had art clubs in the past, both at Key West High and Mila Elementary,” he said. “In Key West High, it wasn’t called NAHS, but we did a lot of service projects.”

Henderson has contributed to the expansion of art projects at the schools where he previously worked.

“At Key West High, we painted a giant mural at the front of the school,” he said. “We went to a childcare facility and painted a mural there. We were able to go to a hotel and paint their kids’ room.”

Henderson said he also looks forward to teaching high school classes after working at Mila Elementary School on Merritt Island, where he taught all grades kindergarten through sixth grade.

“It’s easy for me because I have taught for 10 years in high school,” he said. “There are really excellent academics here. I’m really looking forward to teaching the AP classes and being able to give the students a new look on life.”

By Jessica Blanco and Andrew Lim, Roar staff