Art classes prepare for upcoming shows

Elaborate, vibrant pictures on canvases of creativity. This is what art class is all about. There are many big projects that go on in all of the art classes at school. Many will be entered into contests, hoping to win on the effort and creativity put into the work.

Among the groups working on potentially award-winning projects is art teacher Matt Henderson’s drawing and painting class.

“The theme of the work is creative mischief,” Henderson said. “I want students to be able to come out of their comfort zone and experiment techniques that go with the theme, creative mischief.”

He also said he hopes that some of his students will join the Space Coast Art Show happening Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

Art and computer graphics teacher James Finch also has classes who might submit work.

“My drawing and painting classes are now working on the introduction to color theory,” Finch said. “My computer graphics two students are working on surrealism. Also, my AP students are working on reflective surfaces.”

Finch said that he estimates about 30 students will participate in some competition with their artwork.