Art class chicken slower than expected

A splash of confused looks appear on Annamarie Zink’s seventh period art class as she tries to explain the “30-Minute Chicken” watercolor painting to the impatient class. Bleak looks appeared on some faces, while on others there was a hint of pure bliss.

“Water coloring really makes me relaxed and I’m kind of digging this chicken,” sophomore Samantha Grant said after painting the “brow” of the faded chicken.

Zink said she was ecstatic the students were getting the medium, but disappointed about how long it took the students to master the colors.

“This painting is only supposed to take 30 minutes. By the time we’re finished with this, it’ll be called the three-hour chicken,” chuckled Zink while trying to help some juniors with their color palettes.

“Mrs. Zink, my color keeps coming out a gross greenish-grey instead of brown,” exasperated junior Caitlyn Donovan said.

The “Chicken” was scheduled to be completed by Friday.

By Jessica Blanco