Approaching exams bring stress

With less than five weeks of school left students are trying to bring up their grades before the end of the semester. Along with the beginning of standardized testing and preparation for Advanced Placement exams, students are feeling the pressure.

Junior Jake Bursk is currently taking five AP classes.

“I’m really stressed right now,” Bursk said. “I mean, I’ve been preparing pretty well for everything since I’ve been using study books and taking practice tests. But about a week before my exams I’ll start cramming every night even though I know I’ll inevitably fail.”

Because of the extensive testing, students are missing days of class and having to do make-up work.

“I get make-up work because of the testing,” sophomore Marissa Scalise said. “In some of my classes I have freshmen or juniors. It’s not like the teacher is going to stop teaching just because a few sophomores are gone.”

By Summer Rhodes