AP students create cookie cartography

AP Human Geography students recently researched a country and baked a sugar cookie in its shape, based on physical characteristics and important sites. Arriving in class with their masterpieces, students soon discovered that instead of enjoying their own creations, they were to randomly switch with others in the class.

Before switching however, they discovered the cookies they received in the end would be the country that they would have to do another project on in the near future.  Some students based their decisions in the country they were receiving, whereas others chose merely on the cookie itself.

“To me, it all just depended on the beauty and radiating deliciousness of the cookie,” sophomore Fanny Lilavois said.

When students were decorating their cookies, they made sure to cut them to the shape of their country, and add different color icings and toppings to create landforms such as rivers, mountains, islands and cities. They then labeled each area with a flag.

Lilavois said she she enjoyed the activity, as it gave her a bit of break from typical work.

“It was a really fun experience. In the spirit of the holidays, it was like a present exchange except with cookies,” she said.

By Ashleigh Rabel