AP French Not to Be Offered

Next year the French program will not be offering an AP class. This year there was a choice for French teacher Jennifer Walker if she would teach an AP class or another French 1 class.

“This year I picked to teach the AP class since I had been with my students so long,” Walker said. “I can’t do that again since I would be missing out on more young students joining and the program could start to dwindle.”

About 30 students weren’t able to take French 1 because of the choice to teach AP.

Junior Trung Van will not have the chance to take AP French as he would only be able to take French 5 as a senior.

“It’s kind of disappointing not being able to take AP my senior year,” Van said. “It’s understandable why Mrs. Walker made that decision and either way I’ll still have some good memories from French class.”

Walker already teaches a class all 7 periods of the day leaving her without a planning period.

By Jett Morgan