AP exam testing affects classes

Advanced Placement testing kicked off on May 5 and will continue until May 16. Students enrolled in these courses must take the national exam on the scheduled day and time. As a result, they will miss the classes that coincide with testing.

“Surprisingly, AP testing has not affected my classes very much,” junior Ben Mechachonis said. “All of my teachers are continuing to lecture, assign work, and give tests, which makes it difficult to keep up with the lessons.”

Other students have noticed a change in the way their teachers are conducting class.

“My math teacher has actually been assigning more work than usual during testing season,” junior Steven Tenbusch said. “It is definitely a challenge for me to complete all of my assignments and properly prepare for my exams. I have to prioritize my time.”

History teacher Bob Sarver has shortened his lessons to accommodate the testers.

“Since I have so many students in and out of class taking these tests, I have had to adjust my schedule so that few students miss the important  material,” Sarver said. “Rather than cover additional chapters, I am giving them time to prepare for their final exam. I am expecting them all to do great.”