AP Chem students stay busy after exam

AP Chem students stay busy after exam

When AP tests are over so are the classes, right? Wrong. AP Chemistry teacher Delilah Narvaez is keeping her students busy until the end of the school year, not with work, but with labs.

“We only a have a few extra days left ’til the end of school so she’s letting us do fun things,” junior Stephanie Everest said. “This is an easier lab than many other labs we’ve done this year, and it’s fun.”

Last week they did chromatography on t-shirts, using permanent markers and alcohol to tye-dye shirts. This week they’re developing pictures onto pieces of filter paper.

“We’re making UV sensitive paper by taking pieces of filter paper and soaking them in solutions,” junior Susie Plyler.  “Then we’re placing objects on the paper and holding them out in the sun, which will turn the papers blue, and create an outline of the objects placed on them.”

Students placed all sorts of objects on their filter papers, from silly bands to sea shells.

“I’m a little worried the shell we used is just going to look like a circle,” sophomore Ashley Pekmezian said. “I guess we’ll see how it turns out.”

By Emily Dubec-Hunter and Krishna Davda