AP artists gain freedom on third concentration

Advanced Placement drawing and painting students continue to focus on their concentrations as they begin on their third of 12 pieces of art for this project.

“We are working on our third, however I’m still on my second and my new concentration is basically making fun of pop culture,” senior Keleigh McCullough said. “Right now I’m making fun of the dab because it looks like you’re sneezing, so it says ‘bless you.’” 

Three weeks into the project these artists get to experiment with the themes of their choosing, allowing them to express themselves across a variety of drawings and paintings in various styles.

“Basically I drew on a piece of paper a stencil and I cut it out and I’m spray painting it over a board,” McCullough said.

The artists stick with a theme throughout the 12-week week period.

“I’m doing a reflection off a car mirror because my concentration is about light,” junior Giao Huynh said. “I’m trying to get the light from the sky and the light reflected off the mirror.” 

By Joseph Luisi