FCA shows attitude of servitude

Fellowship of Christian Athletes are making strides with new service projects as they develop further into a club on campus.

The club recently completed the distribution of greeting cards to faculty members around campus. Junior Garrett Jerdon accompanied sophomore Lauren Novak in delivering a “get well soon” card to Jill Whitacre’s math classroom. Whitacre returned from a 10-week medical leave March 27.

“I was very touched that our FCA students had kept me in their thoughts and prayers during my illness,” Whitacre said. “It is awe-inspiring to see [their] faith in action. I was in a lot of pain and we didn’t know what was wrong so it was a rough few months, [but] knowing that I had so many people praying for me and wishing me well helped keep my spirits up.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is also in the process of planning a new service project. Club leaders will be planting flowers behind Laura Richardson and Matt Henderson’s classrooms on April 5. 

“We will be planting flowers with the prerogative of making the art center more pleasing to the eye,” senior and club president Melinda Silaghi said. “This has been a plan since I was in ninth grade, but it has never amounted to anything. However, when Dan Carter, the head of Brevard FCA associations, e-mailed us to serve our community for the county-wide Love Brevard month of March, we felt compelled as a club to see that goal through.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets Fridays during Power Hour in Deborah Jerdon’s room and all students and faculty are welcome to attend.

By Lauren Novak