Advanced Placement testing begins Monday

Throughout the nation, High School students will begin to take their Advanced Placement exams to prove they have the skills for college. The testing will begin Monday and will proceed for the next two weeks ranging.

“The students in these courses have to take these tests in order to confirm on College Board’s end that the students have mastered the content of the course, so they take the exam and that how they are awarded the college credit,” testing coordinator Mike Drake said.

He added that AP testing provides much value for students.

“There is a lot of apprehension, but a lot of students are excited,” Drake said. “The one thing that I see as far as AP exams go is the attitude of students and teachers and everybody, that they see this as more worth while than a lot of the other things that they have to go through testing -wise.”

Sophomore Huda Naaz expressed mixed feeling regarding the tests.

“When AP exams role around it isn’t my favorite time of year because that means that I will be studying more than I usually would and not getting as much sleep,” Naaz said. ” At the same time, after AP exams are done I will be so relieved and I will be able to relax the rest of the school year.”

By Stone Kershaw