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Administration: Keep your hands and lips to yourself

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Public displays of affection have been on the rise on campus in recent weeks and, as a result, the administration is beginning to crack down.

“I don’t need to go into graphic detail, but it’s becoming an issue,” School Resource Officer Charles Landmesser said.

Not only do these displays concern the administration, but teachers as well.

“I usually try to tell people how nauseous it makes me feel so they’ll stop,” American history teacher Tony Riopelle said.

Orchestra teacher Maureen Fallon says that in new relationships couples feel more compelled to be physical.

“Look at the relationships that have been together for six years,” she said. “You can’t even tell that they’re together because they aren’t all over each other. But the first couple years that they were dating, they were probably all over each other. Look at your parents, as much as that may gross most of us out, they have certain looks they give each other opposed to constantly touching each other.”

By Millie Rosasco

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Administration: Keep your hands and lips to yourself