Abdulla, Lim shine in math competition

The Mu Alpha Theta math team won two individual score awards and one team award at the Oviedo High FAMAT competition Jan. 21. Sophomore Andrew Lim received 14th place in the Precalculus individual round, junior Rashad Abdulla got 13th place in the Calculus individual round and the Algebra I students got fifth place in the team round.

“[Math teacher Annie] Nery and I were really proud of Rashad Abdulla and Andrew Lim for getting trophies in the face of really stiff competition,” said math teacher Debra Jerdon, sponsor of the school’s Mu Alpha Theta team.

The individual rounds consisted of 145 students in Calculus and 145 students in Precalculus. Students in the top 15 places received trophies.

“The students really had a lot of fun, and the opportunity for math enrichment is awesome,” Jerdon said. “I was really excited about the Algebra I team placing the first time they ever went, and I hope they continue to practice and improve.”

By Danielle Jerdon