Girls’ lacrosse draws attention from potential players

The girls’ lacrosse season is scheduled to begin in early February, and with a new season comes new players. Freshman Gabriella Marold has taken an interest in the sport.

“I thought of joining lacrosse because some of my other friends have been playing for a long time and suggested it to me,” Marold said. ‘Although I have never had any previous experience of the game, I am hoping I will pick it up quickly.’

Marold is, however, familiar with what it takes to play a high-school sport.

“I have played volleyball, soccer and tennis before, so I know how much work I’m going to have to put in for the team,” Marold said. “But I am still excited to work hard for this upcoming season so that I am able to make the team.”

Another prospect, seventh-grader Ava B, said she has a basic understanding of the game and how it works.

“I wanted to join because my brother has played for a couple of years and it looks fun,” she said. “ I don’t have any experience playing except passing and catching with my brother at home.” 

Although new to the sport, Ava said she is eager to start playing and getting to know her teammates.

“I am hoping I will have a fun experience,” she said. “I’ve never played on a lacrosse team before, so it will be exciting to try it out.”

By Michael Carroll