Girls’ basketball ready to take on Pineapple Cove

Basketball+going+through+a+hoop / Markus Spiske

Basketball going through a hoop

The girls’ varsity basketball team has been meshing together well during their practices before their first game on Tuesday against Pineapple Cove. New players are excited to step into their newfound roles on the varsity squad, while returning players have high hopes for them and the team as a whole. 

“I think the new players are adapting well to being on varsity and they are stepping up to the big expectations that come with being on the varsity team,” returning point guard Chloe Garoust said. “The new players have been conditioning and practicing with us since the end of last season so we have all gotten close with them and we have a family atmosphere on the team.” 

Sophomore Jalaya King said she has mixed feelings about playing her first year on varsity. 

“I’m excited since I will be playing with new people but also kind of nervous since I’ll be playing against people at a higher level,” said King, who plays guard. “I expect the whole team to do well as the season progresses. I think we are all excited to get on the court and play.” 

Returning eighth-grader Erynn M, who plays center, said the new players are already used to the varsity environment. 

“They were JV players last year, so they already knew what to expect,” she said. 

 Garoust also said she has high hopes.

“I think we should be able to do well this season because we have a lot of talent on the team and our goal is to make it past districts,” she said. 

By Jack Grimison

Editors’ note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.