Students to display art at Space Coast festival


Student artists from West Shore will exhibit their work at the Space Coast Art Festival on Nov. 29-30 at the Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral.

This annual event, now in its 51st year, is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, of Thanksgiving weekend.

Sophomore Martina Parguian is looking forward to participating in the Space Coast Art Festival for the first time.

“I hope to show my self-portrait, floral and surrealist piece, if I can get it finished in time,” Parguian said.

Paraguian added that it will be nice to see familiar faces, and feel the support of the community.

“People should come in order to appreciate the hard work others have put in to prepare for this show,” she said.

West Shore graphic design students have participated in the Space Coast Art Festival for the past 10 years, ever since James Finch has been teaching graphic design at the school. As always, the expectations are high.

“I expect  a lot of effort in craftsmanship and in composition,” Finch said. “We [in graphic design] talk about the four C’s: composition, color, contrast and ultimately, craftsmanship. I want them to develop a portfolio for my students and for my AP students based on fine arts. My first year with them in graphic design is learning how to use [the tools and programs]. The second year it’s [more using that] tool to create beautiful fine art work.”

Senior Rachael Straley, winner of the Habitat for Humanities T-shirt contest, will not be able to participate in this show but will continue to show her support.

“I may stop by at the art show to go see my friends and see what kind of art work they have presented,” she said.

Finch said he enjoys seeing families and friends come out and support the festival.

“I love talking to the parents. I love seeing the kids there with there friends … watching the kids go out and see other students and professional artists. If nothing else, they get an experience that lets them see art and respond to art and see what influences them,” he said.

Finch said he’s concerned that the change in venue from downtown Cocoa Beach, behind the City Hall, to the newly constructed Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral possibly will cause many people to say it’s not worth the drive.

“I’m thinking it might be smaller,” Finch said. “ I’m thinking were going to get more participation from the northern county, like Titusville. Maybe there will be more people from there. I don’t think you are going to get as many people coming from the south. I will be glad when it goes back (to a more local venue).”

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By Daphna Krause