Senior’s project focuses on kids


Courtesy of Taylor Canavan

Taylor Canavan teaches children with intellectual disabilities how to play lacrosse.

When senior Taylor Canavan decided to teach children with special needs how to play a sport for her Senior Project she didn’t know exactly where to start. But with the help of the men’s Florida Institute of Technology lacrosse team she started an organization called “Love of Lax, ” which provides a free-of-charge opportunity for children to learn how to play the game.

“I wanted to do this project because I want to major in special education, and I thought that if I worked with children with intellectual disabilities that it could show me if I could handle the job or not,” Canavan said.

Love of Lax camps — which included drills and camps — started Nov. 3, and six were held throughout November.

“I was only expecting four kids and I ended up with 12,” Canavan said. “I plan on continuing the camp and turning it into a non-profit organization. The camp will also be held at the Florida Institute of Technology fields instead of all the way in Viera.”

Canavan said she was pleased with the results.

“This camp exceeded my expectations,” she said. “The Florida Institute of Technology  lacrosse players were so helpful and participated in all the drills and games I had planned. I feel like the kids made more of an impact on me and the volunteers than we did on them.”

By Kenzie Scott