Soccer takes center stage for Bocinsky

Ciera Misner, Staff Writer

Three times a week, a blue Accord drives 76 miles to Orlando and back, arriving home in Melbourne Beach at 11 p.m. Senior John Bocinsky travels to his club soccer team, Nike Rush’s practices.

Bocinsky, also know as BoBo to other players and coaches through out the state, is an enthusiastic, straight-A student, who has devoted much of his life to one sport. Bocinsky is well known around school and with his friends as “that soccer kid” or the winner for the most athletic in the yearbook’s senior superlatives along with his equally athletic girlfriend, Kaitlyn Forry.

Inspired by the French player Thierry Henry, Bocinsky has looked up to him whenever he wanted to improve his play and skill level.

“I have five jerseys of his from the French National Team, Arsenal and Barcelona,” he said. “In fifth grade I went to England to watch him play, and I always tried to play like him. Quick with the ball and a goal scoring beast.”

Bocinsky has played soccer since as long as he can remember, coming across several different type of coaches during his career.

“There’s plenty of coaches who made me successful in soccer that I have to list. Fernando in Costa Rica did one-on-one training with me when I was in first grade, and that helped my ball skills. I did private training with Scott Armstrong and James “Squirty” Phillips that helped me with my shots and long balls.”

Bocinsky appears relentless in his pursuit of soccer excellence.

“At one period of my life I went to the fields in Indian Harbour Beach a couple hours before school started when it was still dark and trained with Squirty on my shooting.

This year has been one of the must successful in his career.

“With my new club team Florida Nike Rush, we won State Cup and Southern Regionals over this past summer and also finished fifth at Nationals. Were currently ranked second in the nation.”

Bocinsky has also been playing for the Florida Olympic Development Program team for the past three years and, during his junior year, received the honor of being named Brevard County Player of the Year. With a supportive family behind him, Bocinsky has hopes to attend a college that he loves and gives him the opportunity to play soccer.

“I think most importantly though I want to do something with my life that is pleasing to God and that I am happy with,” he said. “It may not be a set path yet, but I think by listening God will show me the way. ”