Lady Wildcats harassed after victory

After West Shore’s 12-0 victory against Cocoa High School on Tuesday night, some of the girls on the Cocoa team reportedly spit in their hands before shaking hands at the end of the game and started throwing trash at some of the Lady Wildcats’ cars.

“At first I thought it was sweat,” junior Erin Berube said. “But I realized it was spit when I saw one of the girls spit in her hand.”

That was just the start of the unsportsman like conduct displayed by the Cocoa team.

“They threw empty water bottles and McDonalds bags at my car right in front of me,” junior Diana Sheedy said. “They also directed some choice words at me.”

Keener emailed the principal regarding the incident. He said that she was absolutely horrified over the actions of the girls.

“I sincerely apologize for the appalling behavior of those students,” Cocoa High Principal Stephanie Soliven said via e-mail. “We are handling it with the utmost seriousness.”

Keener,  who was a school dean for 20 years, put the situation in perspective.

“Sometimes, even good kids can do really stupid things,” he said. “I hope it was just frustration and stupidity converging at once. Hopefully, they learned something.”

The Lady Wildcats went on to win the district semi finals on Wednesday night against Cocoa Beach. They play in the finals tonight against Satellite.

By Jenna Forry