Girls’ lacrosse opens year with big wins

Sarah Brusca, Staff Writer

Junior Christine Sherry scored five goals and led the West Shore Lady Wildcats Lacrosse team to a 20-2 thumping of the Cocoa Beach Minutemen in their season opener Tuesday night.

“The game went well,” Sherry said. “The rest of the season is going to be tough though, because there are a lot of good teams.”

The team understands that while the victory was both emphatic and impressive, such a result was to be expected when considering that Tuesday marked the inaugural game for the Minutemen lacrosse program.

In just West Shore’s second year of having a varsity lacrosse team, the struggles of creating a new team and having continual improvement have certainly presented themselves. Senior Jackie Sherry noted that the team has room for improvement in stick skills and working the field more as a unit to prepare themselves for a challenging season.

“I think that we’re going to come out strong both offensively and defensively for the remainder of the season,” she said. ” It’s especially important for our games against MCC and Satellite, those are the ones we want.”

The team continues regular season play Friday evening against the Satellite High School Lady Scorpions following a 15-1 drubbing of the Melbourne Central Catholic Hustlers on Wednesday night.