Fifteen make varsity dance team cut

Fifteen dancers made the varsity team cut Friday at tryouts for the Purr-fections on Friday afternoon, giving Coach April Shaw an abundance of talent with which to work.

“As of right now we are going to be having three separate teams: middle school, JV and varsity,” she said. “Last year we only had two teams because I was the only coach, but this year we are planning on hiring someone else to help out with the JV team.”

The 15 girls who made varsity are returning seniors Katelyn Kent, Hope Dougherty, Alicia Handley and Sarah Patrone. The juniors are Jessie Shaw, Alexis Whitworth, Kenzie Scott, Jasmine Greathouse, Dominque Sims and Rachel Montgomery. Lauren is the only sophomore who made the varsity squad. Freshmen Bella Stazzone, Lindsey Halfhour and the eighth-graders Maddie Brownlie and Abi Johnson also made the varsity squad.

“This year we put a lot more girls on varsity than expected, but I think it will go amazing because everyone is so talented,” Kent, a newly named co-captain, said.

The JV and Middle school teams will be finalized after new students try out in August.

“Because we put so many girls on varsity, we are not sure who will be on JV and middle school until the new students come in next school year and we have our second round of tryouts for them,” Coach Shaw said.

By Jessie Shaw