$100 sports fee kicks in next year

Jacob Smithe, Staff Writer

Starting the beginning of next school year, students wishing to participate in school-sponsored sports will be required to pay $100 to be on the first team they sign up for, and $50 for the second sport. These pay to play fees will be added on top of any other costs that are required by students’ sports of choice, including equipment and busing.

Despite the steeper price, junior Samuel Lack will not be changing his plans to play varsity basketball again next year.

“I can see where it could be an annoyance,” Lack said. “But [the basketball team] already had to pay for buses this year, and varsity had to pay more than JV [junior varsity] in team fees. “

The new costs will be coming to the whole of Brevard county under the new pay to play policy adopted by Brevard Public Schools in an attempt to fill the $30 million deficit in its budget.

“The money from pay to play will be going to coaching supplements, which are paid to coaches for doing their job,” athletic director Kim Shepard. “The district used to provide for coaches’ supplements, but with the new cuts they are not able to. They haven’t said whether coaches’ income from the supplements will stay the same or change next year because of the cuts.”