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Worn the wrong way, Uggs are ugly

Brittany Cho, News Editor

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Are Uggs fashionable? It’s ironic that this question comes up during the colder seasons because the shoes were originally designed in Australia for surfers to wear when they came out of the water. However, the shoes are ridiculously comfy, warm, cozy and they became a huge hit in America. Remember when it seemed like every other person on the street was wearing them? Although the Ugg craze has died down, the shoes have become a household name and a classic boot in winter fashion.

I’m going to be painfully honest: Uggs are ugly shoes. Though the company later designed other boots to be high-heeled and fancy, the original Ugg boot that people know and love (or hate) is bluntly shaped, plain and boring. If properly worn Uggs can be adorable and have a certain charm. Although the shoes are by no means high fashion, they have great potential for casual every-day fashion. All you have to do is buy the pair that best suits you, coordinate them with the right clothes, and avoid wearing them in inappropriate situations.

Buy a pair of Uggs that suits you personally- just because a pair of tall, dark purple Uggs looks amazing on a 5’ 10” brunette doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll suit you. When you choose the color of your boots, think about your hair color and complexion. Warm earth tones such as chestnut and brown suit people who are fair and have light hair, while a brunette with a darker complexion would look good with cooler colors like grey, black, or blue. Redheads should go with beige or brown colors.

Also, take body proportions into consideration. If you have short legs in comparison to your torso, you should buy the shorter Uggs. If you have long legs, you have the freedom to choose between tall or short Uggs, you’ll look good in either (lucky).

You can wear Uggs with a variety of casual outfits. They look fantastic with tights and skinny jeans- anything that slims down the legs will create an important emphasis between your leg and the boot. You can match a dress that cuts above the knees or a short skirt with tights or match an oversized shirt with skinny jeans which will look as cute as it is cozy. Baggy pants or flare jeans should be avoided (unless you want your legs to look like tree trunks.) If you insist on wearing baggy pants with the Uggs then tuck them into the boots and pair them with a tight shirt, sweater or cardigan so you don’t look too slouchy.

A crucial fact to remember about Uggs is that they’re casual. Don’t wear them with your Homecoming dress or anything you consider formal. If you’re going to a fancy event or on a nice date, leave these shoes at home. Although this may sound like common sense to some of you, not everyone has this knowledge. Also, don’t wear Uggs in hot weather. Though they weren’t designed to be winter boots, that’s what they’ve become, so it looks ridiculous when someone runs out in them without socks and in shorts.

Uggs are shoes that have become beloved among celebrities, fashion icons, and everyday teenagers. Though they aren’t the most fashionable shoes on the planet, you can make them fashionable if you wear the pair that suits you the right way. Uggs are ridiculously comfy and have become iconic when it comes to casual winter fashion. Although I wouldn’t call Uggs timeless yet, they’ve become a recurring trend that comes to life during the colder seasons, and for that they should be appreciated.

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Worn the wrong way, Uggs are ugly