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  • Brevard Public Schools will provide free lunch to students through Oct. 20.

  • Homecoming tickets will be on sale from Tuesday to Friday during lunch.

  • Tuesday will be Tacky Tourist Day for Spirit Week.

Dress code enforcement distracting

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The dress code rule has gotten out of hand and has become a larger distraction than what students are actually wearing. Most students can make a well-enough decision on their outfits so they look decent enough to be at school. The shirts administration give out when students are out of dress code become more of a distraction than the students first outfit would have ever been.

I still believe dress code rules should be enforced because some things can be inappropriate for school. The rules right now though are too harsh and ridiculous. I believe dress code has become too strict and more trust should be put back into the students so the dress code can become less of a distraction.

Geofrey Pena, junior

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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Dress code enforcement distracting