A well-earned celebration

Sarah Brusca

Finally after dedicating our lives to West Shore academics, sports, and clubs students are being awarded with the Dec. 14 Blue Ribbon celebration. Students are awarded for their hard work and are being allotted a two hour event of activities such as soccer games on the soccer fields, volleyball in the gymnasium, movies in the cafeteria, and sweets provided to all.

This celebration is well-earned and I would like to personally applaud every student who was a part of receiving this award.  After doing loads of homework and stressing over tests that you feel like could destroy your GPA, we are now allowed to act as care-free as one wants and administration is 100 percent all right with it (which never happens).

Better yet, classes are only a total of 31 minutes long, therefore teachers cannot really teach anything new, so they are giving their students a chance to study for exams, work on study guides, and socialize with one another.  Letting us take the time to socialize and study is a relief and I can honestly say I’m pretty sure every student appreciates the time.  All in all, I would like to congratulate the whole student body and of course the entire faculty for all the hard work and hours put into this school have paid off.