Talent show goes on after rocky signup


Erika Dietl

Senior Sujan Patel takes center stage during the Gentleman’s Band first-place winning performance.

Rumors circulated last Friday regarding the possible cancellation of the school’s second annual talent show, but it was shortly confirmed that apparent lack of interest was due to signup form misdistribution. And the show did in fact go on Wednesday night. Juniors Marissa Patel and Noah Molettere hosted the show and teachers Gabrielle Powers, Kirk Murphy, Susan Woyshner and Mary Anderson served as judges.

The show kicked off at 6:30 p.m. with Richard Klenotich performing a guitar rendition of Imagine Dragons’ hit song “Demons.” That act was immediately followed up by a performance of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie,” courtesy of singer Samantha Unger and keyboardist Daniel Tenbusch. Powers, who along with Anderson was a judge of the 2012 talent show, said she considered Unger’s act an improvement from her 2012 performance.

There were two duet performance acts to follow. After junior Caleb Bryant played an original piano composition, seniors Ryan Wheat and Greta Schledorn sang Taylor Swift’s “The Last Time.” Murphy, who has Ryan and Greta for fourth period chorus, said “it was nice to see the two of them together,” while Powers complimented their harmonizing. Juniors Kha Duong and Timmy Nguyen performed a comedic improvisatory dance to a “We Are Farmers” dance remix to heavy applause. Having had the two for chemistry, Powers remarked that it was remarkable that “they didn’t steal the show [in class].”

Schledorn and Wheat went on to do solo performances: Greta followed the Duong/Nguyen duet with a song/guitar version of Taylor Swift’s “State of Grace,” following eighth-grader Tessa Smith’s performance of the Les Misérables song “On My Own,” Ryan would go on to sing and dance to 1980s hit “Take On Me.” Concerning Schledorn’s act, Mrs. Powers said: “Such a powerful voice coming from someone so little [laughter] I was shocked;” Anderson and Murphy similarly praised her voice. Wheat was greeted with an ovation, and while not quite meeting with as much praise from the judges, was given kudos from Anderson for his dancing.

The talent show ended with two all-senior groups. The five-man Gentlemen’s Band, comprising Clayton Uhing, Saul Torres, Justin Thompson, Richard Dujovne and Sujan Patel, performed a reprise of their winning act last year, in what Murphy paraphrased as “[reminiscent] of powderpuff, except without the short shorts.” The closer was a retaliatory act called Gentlemen’s Band’s Worst Nightmare; in addition to Alec Sulpeveda, Gage Guinta, Thomas Kendrick and Jimmy Murren, the group also enlisted Melbourne Central Catholic’s Steven Van Gassbeck and Heritage High School’s Jean-Luc Golluskin. In the final routine, wizards gave the visiting seniors the power of rock, Jimmy Murren did a Robin Thicke impersonation, and Gage Guinta-as-the-Hamburglar was defeated by condiments, ending in a coronation with a Bumblebee mask, medal and a stock regal crown.

In the end, the Gentlemen’s Band took first place for the second – and likely final – year in a row. Schledorn’s solo performance won second place, with the “We Are Farmers” took third.

Proceeds from the show will be used to offset the cost of Prom and to fund the Junior Class.