Spanish field-trip timeline changes

A failed attempt to carry out a November field-trip has members of Spanish Honor Society speculating whether or not there will be a St. Augustine adventure to look forward to this year.

Due to upcoming mid-terms and the cost of busing, the new goal of Spanish Honor Society is to have the field trip in January or February.

“We hit a roadblock last year with the cost of busing,” said senior Margarita Cruz-Sanchez, vice president of Spanish Honor Society, “so we are planning multiple fund-raisers to pay for the whole trip or at least most of it. We are pretty confident that we will reach our goal based on the success from last year’s Fiesta and our upcoming fund-raisers. Some of the fund-raisers we are looking at are selling candy like we did last year or selling ice cream and hot cocoa after school and just things like that. And of course the International Fiesta at the end of the year.”

Despite the agitation of not being able to go on the field-trip before Winter Break, freshman Emily Shoemaker sees a bright side.

“It stinks a little bit that it won’t happen before Winter Break,” Shoemaker said. “But I completely understand putting it off. It allows for more time for fund-raising and doesn’t add as much stress right before mid-terms. I’m super-excited for the trip and I feel confident that when it does happen, it will be an amazing experience.”

By Auston Gonzalez