SHS sells ice-cream floats to raise funds

The Spanish Honor Society might find the solution to its field-trip dilemma in just three words: root beer floats. The club will sell floats and ice cream on the patio for $2 after school from 2:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. The fund-raiser will end Friday.

“The money from the root beer float fund-raiser will go towards the St. Augustine field-trip,” said Rachel Alba, secretary of Spanish Honor Society, “most likely towards the cost of busing. We have a couple other fund-raisers planned out like candy grams, food fund-raisers, and our fiesta at the end of the year.”

With two days remaining in the root beer float fund-raiser, an estimated $70 has been raised toward the trip which was originally supposed to take place in late November.

“I believe this fund-raiser will be successful because who doesn’t like ice cream and floats?” Alba said. “It’s a good stress relief during exam week.”

Alba, along with other members of Spanish Honor Society, are enthusiastic about the fund-raiser because it could allow each member to participate in the field-trip without having to pay.

“I think that working for the money feels more rewarding,” freshman Karly Hudson said. “It’s better than just having your parents pay for you.”


By Auston Gonzalez