Seniors to present projects today

Seniors prepare for Senior Boards today, as the end to their high school careers nears. Each will present his Senior Project in front of a board of judges.

“As a judge, I am going to be looking for a stretch and how they communicate that stretch,” graphic design teacher Jim Finch said. “I look for certain communication skills and how well they articulate them in their presentation.”

The judges of Senior Boards include faculty, mostly teachers with junior homerooms, parents of other students and professionals from the community.

“We’ll start training at 10 a.m. to get ourselves organized and make sure we know what we are dong,” Finch said. “Then we go to our respective rooms. Judging should go all the way through the day.”

Two major requirements are that the presenter dresses the part and his or her presentation is between six and 10 minutes long.

“I’m not super prepared because I’ve got this thing called Senioritis, and it is killing me,” Timmy Widere said.

Senior seminar classes helped students with their projects, and after they handed in their research papers, they practiced presenting speeches in front of the class.

“I presented once in senior sem and once in front of another class, so I’m not really nervous,” Widere said. “I plan on practicing the night before, but I probably won’t.”

By Stephanie Everest