Science Olympiad seeks funding

Science Olympiad, a competitive science club, may have a challenge to receive funding, despite higher interest in membership.

“I’m getting a lot more kids coming to me wanting to do it,” six-year adviser Paula Ladd said. “We’re hoping PTA will pick up half the cost of the entry fee. The science department does the other [half].”

Ladd and middle school adviser Linda Johnson have created a new $10 fee to help pay for the $470 total entry fee and supplies. Students in previous years have only been required to purchase the team T-shirt.

“I’m willing to pay [the new fee] as long as Olympiad needs fees to help keep the club running,” ninth-grader Emma Kalvan said. “It might drive people away though because it costs more this year.”

Ladd and Johnson have yet to plan the club’s meetings. Ladd says meetings are pointless until she and Johnson receive the money to purchase the competition’s rulebook. Ladd estimates that she and the other advisers will delay the first meeting until early November. The regional competition is Feb. 11.

Kalvan says this science club is important.

“If Science Olympiad didn’t exist, students would be less motivated to learn about advanced sciences outside school,” she said.

By Andrew Lim