Parents help with chemistry lab

Parent volunteers were asked to come watch and help students to ensure that there are no problems during an AP Chemistry lab. These volunteers consisted of parents of students who were participating in the lab.

“I’m excited to do it,” said Jane Jobson, junior Mary Elizabeth Jobson’s mother. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a chemistry lab, and it has changed a little but I’m still excited to do it.”

Engineer Philip Porhammer also helped with the lab.

“I get to watch these kid do pretty fun stuff, keep them safe, and watch my daughter,” he said. “Engineering is my job and part of that is to build and break things so this is part of that process and I’m excited to see my daughter doing this.”

To have parents there while doing a lab is a different experience for the students.

“I think it is kind of fun,” Mary-Elizabeth Jobson said. “I mean she gets to see what we are doing after a while in class, so I think that is kind of cool.”

The lab extended over a period of two days, the first day students were given a lab procedure and had to find the molarity of a substance using a given procedure. Then students were told to make their own procedure and find the molarity of a substance that they picked.