Fund-raising for Prom proves difficult for juniors

Marley Butcher, Connect Editor

Crowds, laughter and tons of food can be found at a Chick-fil-A night hosted by the Junior Class to raise money for Prom. Junior class president Grace Beck watches and is pleased with the turnout. But the Junior Class remains short of money for Prom.

“We have to make a down-payment of $8,000 to the Hilton,” Beck said. “We have about $6,000 now and for the remaining $2,000 we’re probably going to have fund-raisers at Tropical Smoothie, another fund-raiser at both locations of Chick-fil-A, and maybe On The Edge, the rock-climbing facility. I think we’ll be OK, but we are struggling to get money.”

Beck also has more last-minute plans to secure the money needed for other things.

“I think we are going to sell early bird Prom tickets which means they’ll cost a bit less if someone were to buy their ticket earlier. With the ticket money we will then be able to pay for the decorations and the DJ at Prom because as of now, we don’t have any money to pay for that.”

Jaclyn Martin is the vice-president of the newly formed Sophomore Club which plans to help with fund-raising ideas for the upcoming Prom.

“We want to get a jump-start, so to speak,” Martin said. “When we meet for club, we discuss ways to raise money. We all just brainstorm to think of some possible fund-raising ideas. Right now we’re thinking about selling chocolate on Valentine’s Day in the cafeteria. It’s not definite but it’s a thought. We see how the juniors are struggling to get money this year for Prom, and we just don’t
want to be in the same predicament.”

Beck planned some fund-raisers that didn’t turn out the way she expected.

“I planned to do a discount card,” Beck said. “That is when 20 businesses are on one card and anytime you use the card at one of those places, you get a discount there. I spent some of my summer walking around in the heat asking businesses if they would advertise. When I got to school my idea didn’t go over too well. So even though no money was wasted, my time and effort were. Also, there is about another box of lanyards that never sold. We had to buy those in advance, so we still have to pay off the extra lanyards that didn’t sell.”

Kylie Wenger, the president of the Sophomore Club, organizes all its functions to get a head start on fund-raising for Prom.

“We are fund-raising for both juniors’ and [sophomores’] Proms,” Wenger said. “We want to have the best Prom that we can without a closed budget. We sell candy every Club Day and also for $15, on your birthday, we can have your name on the marquee in front of the school for everyone to see.”

Beck has learned from this year’s experiences and plans to do different things next year.

“I’m going to run for Senior Class president next year and plan not to have fund-raisers that have up-front fees,” she said. “Chick-fil-A doesn’t charge a fee. All you have to do is say you’re from West Shore and you get a discount and [Junior Class] gets some of the profits. Also I would delegate more. I was working by myself over the summer, but once I got to school everyone was working together. I would still like to have people work with me more.”