French students practice for competition

Preparations for French Congres, scheduled to be held in March, started during club on Monday. Play and brain bowl practices are being held after school while poetry and speech practices are before school.

“Les Precieuses Ridicules,” is the play for Congres and French teacher Jennifer Walker said she has confidence in her students’ potential to shine.

“They’re going to do really well. They have a lot of heart, talent, and the costumes this year are great,” she said.

Freshman Sarah Tanke will be in the play and will also be participating the speech portion of the competition.

“My role this year is Le Marquis de Mascarille. He pretends to be an eloquent noble who comes to read to “les precieuses,” she said. “He is so over the top and crazy. I’m so excited for the play.”

Tanke also makes it one of her top priorities to do well in Congres with the rest of the cast.

“I practice multiple times a day. I put it as a real priority to get all of my lines memorized,” she said. “I really am hoping for a superior this year because if we all work really hard, I think we could do it.”

By Brianna Silvestre