Auditorium AC repair nears completion

Proper cooling is about to be restored in the school auditorium. The air-conditioning unit stopped working Aug. 20 and the school district installed a portable unit.

Assistant Principal of Facilities Catherine Halbuer said a permanent fix is finally on its way.
“Our goal is to have the air-conditioning back on Tuesday,” Halbuer said. “There were leaks in the condenser coils from not being repaired. We have ordered three new compressors, so the air-conditioning should be back shortly.”

While the portable unit has been effective enough to be used for such events as the recent fall musical “Mary Poppins,” it’s not as efficient as a permanent unit, according to sophomore Kenzie Scott.

“Because of the vent only blowing in one direction, one part of the room is way colder than the other,” she said. “The dance-team practices in the auditorium twice a week, and having to wear jackets and leggings is such a pain.”

By Sarah Edmiston