Policy results in wasted food

The school cafeteria policy requires students to take two items of food in order to receive the free breakfast, yet many students waste or throw away the extra item.

“School breakfasts and lunches are based on the average calorie intake of a high school student, and in order to meet the required amount of calories, we need to enforce the ‘take two items’ policy,” cafeteria manager Lalanya Wilson said.

Cafeteria trash cans fill up with extra sides of fruit and juices by the end of each morning, due to students who want only one particular drink or item and not the others.

“Whenever I get breakfast, I just throw away the food because I only want the juice or milk,” junior Trevor Stammand said

Despite the fact the food is paid for by tax-payers, the school cannot change the policy because federal guidelines must be followed if the free breakfast is served.

“Students who eat the school breakfast and lunch are getting their needed calorie intake, which was the main goal for the ‘take two’ policy,” Wilson said.

By Sierra Purden