French more than a class for award-winning senior

Morgan Miller, Entertainment Editor

Many students visit family over summer break, but Jake Swanson’s travels take him beyond the boundaries of the United States and all the way to Europe.

“I visit England for a while every summer,” Swanson said. “I enjoy being able to see my family, and it’s cool to see how kids in other countries live.”

Although Swanson mainly stays in England during his visits, he occasionally ventures out into other areas of Europe.

“This past summer I went on a European road trip,” he said.  “I went to several countries with my family. I had just gotten a new camera so I took a lot of pictures.”

One of Swanson’s favorite countries is France.

“I love learning French and being able to go to France and speak it. The culture and history fascinate me.”

Swanson currently is taking French IV and is vice president of French Honor Society. He has received superiors each year he has participated in the state French competition.

“It takes a lot of practice to get everything right, but it’s worth every minute to do well at competitions,” he said.

Swanson received the 2011 Outstanding High School Senior in French Award from the American Association of Teachers of French.

“He really deserves it,” senior and fellow French student Kelly Hambel said. “Jake always works hard, so it’s cool that he got national recognition.”

“I’m so appreciative of [French teacher Jennifer] Walker for nominating me for the award and being such an inspiring teacher,” Swanson said. “It’s nice to have my dedication noticed.”