Production gives junior ‘catt-itude’


Photo courtesy Ian Kennedy

On stage, junior Ian Kennedy performs in “Cats.”

Balancing extracurricular activities and school can be difficult, however learning the behaviors of a cat is something most don’t have to worry about. For junior Ian Kennedy, being in the production of Cats at Cocoa Village Playhouse has caused him to learn more than time management.

The theater waits for no one (or cat), and work or no work, the show must go on. Since the beginning of January, the cast has had three hour daily rehearsals, entailing intense workouts for stamina and intricate makeup learned by makeup artists.

“Cats has been the most intense and challenging show I’ve ever been in, but definitely the most fulfilling,” he said. “Learning all the songs and detailed dancing was stressful at times, but everything came together and now we have a fantastic production.”

As one can infer from the title, the musical is the story of cats, who are a tribe called the Jellicles.

“One of the major challenges of being in Cats is having to embody a cat,” he said. “All movement on stage has to be graceful, and we have to sit and dance in cat-like ways.”

A show is only as good as the cast members in it although.

“At Cocoa Village Playhouse, I have never felt so at home and welcomed because everyone there was so professional and supporting,” fellow performer junior Megan Mateosky said. “Everyone is so confident and talented that they encourage me to everything to the best of my abilities and help my become the best performer and person I can be.”

Cats will run until Feb 14.

By Rachel Montgomery