California orchestra leaves impression

College Park High School from Pleasant Hills California came to campus on Thursday to play in an exchange concert with West Shore’s orchestra.

“They were in Florida for a trip to Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center,” senior Megan Turingan said.” They had heard about our orchestra so we had an exchange concert were two of our orchestras performed and two of their orchestras performed.”

West Shore’s chamber orchestra performed pieces they had recently prepared for a music festival at Disney.

“We performed ‘concerto in B minor’ by Vivaldi, ‘Serenade’ by Dvorak and ‘Fugue for String Orchestra’ by Creston,” Turingan said.

College Park’s ensemble featured a full orchestra with both wind and stringed instruments

“I loved it, it was a great experience that I don’t think I’d ever have if the program didn’t happen,” junior Atharva Chopde said. “Hearing another orchestra [that has] another perspective and fresh new take on our orchestra has given me great new ideas on how to improve my own playing.”

Turingan also appeared appreciative of the experience

“I loved it. It was cool hearing an orchestra from a different state,” Turingan said. “It showed music as being truly universal and hearing an orchestra much bigger than ours was awesome.”

Junior Samuel Mikhail who is in band and orchestra also noted the difference in having larger, fuller orchestra.

“The full symphonic orchestra gave them a nice, well-rounded sound,” Mikhail said. “Overall, it was a great experience for both groups involved.”

By Jonah Hinebaugh