The Roar

New grade-reporting software up and running

November 7, 2018

Focus has replaced Edline as Brevard Public School’s grade-reporting software, causing initial skepticism among the school’s stakeholders. The transition occurred at the beginning of the second nine weeks of school, forcing...

Spanish Honor Society inducts 16 members

November 6, 2018

The National Spanish Honor Society recently welcomed 16 new members during a ceremony in the media center. “It was really cool,” sophomore and new NSHS member Meghan Matthys said. “We all sat in rows and held candles. Th...

Science lab adds spooky touch for Halloween

November 5, 2018

Science teacher Linda Johnson and her eighth-grade class decided to dip their tongs into some dry ice on Halloween for a spooky school activity to learn about sublimation. "Technically it is in the curriculum. I want you to...

June SAT curve causes students’ scores to fall

Emily Lovelock, Staff writer

October 8, 2018

Fearing the impact on college admissions, students and parents have been rallying for College Board to rescore the June SAT- on which many students received surprisingly low scores due to a harsh curve. The movement started to gain moment...

Local shooting hits close to home for some students

Rosellen Rodriguez, staff writer

August 24, 2018

A usual Friday night football game suddenly erupted into a frantic scene as a number of people fled the Palm Beach Central High football stadium following a shooting on Aug. 17. Two adult males were injured, leaving one in critical...

Butterflies flutter into Brevard Zoo

May 23, 2018

Just in time for the summer rush, Brevard Zoo's "Butterflies and the Magic of Nature" exhibit is returning to the Wild Florida section after a three-year absence. The exhibit features hundreds of native butterfly species, a snapping...

Backpack ban draws mixed reactions

May 23, 2018

Students not being able to bring backpacks on the last three days of school has generated complaints. “I think it’s really stupid because we need our stuff,” sophomore Alexis Vander said. “I keep bringing in stuff th...

AP exam causing human dilemmas

May 15, 2018

The exam for AP Human Geography is scheduled for Friday, the same day seventh-period semester exams begin which means sophomore Alysa Taylor and freshman Bailey Hetzel will take both exams on the same day. The scheduled dates f...

AP exams loom large

May 12, 2018

Exams produce a stressful time for many, but studying becomes an even more arduous task when AP classes are involved in the mix. "I take AP human geography with [teacher Brooke Owen-Thomas] and in order to prepare for exams...

Class concentration goes to the birds

May 12, 2018

Throughout the past year, various complaints have been expressed regarding the noises coming from the classroom's air-conditioning system during the school day. The culprits: birds living and nesting near the outdoor air-intake...

Seniors prepare for summer and beyond

El Lock, Beat Report

May 12, 2018

The end of the year is approaching and students are gearing up for summer break. Seniors will get a head start as they graduate five days before school ends for underclassmen.  “During the summer I’ll be going to Chr...

Students gear up for final exams

May 12, 2018

As final exams are drawing closer and closer many students such as sophomore Jacob Klenotich are starting to feel the pressure. Final exams account for 20 percent of final grades in most classes and sometimes can either make or...

Latin Club selling Mother’s Day gifts

May 7, 2018

The Latin Club is selling bags filled with candies for $3 for a Mother's Day fund-raiser this week outside the cafeteria during Power Hour. “They’re little decorative bags with candies in them,” freshman Bailey Wong s...

Students reflect on standardized tests

May 3, 2018

As the school year draws to a close, standardized testing does as well. Students use various methods to prepare for standardized tests, and some say they don’t prepare at all.  Freshman Loren Nienajadlo took the ninth-grade F...

Senior boards signal project wrap-up

April 30, 2018

Senior Boards are a big part to the end of the second semester and the culmination. of the year-long  Senior Project. During the boards, seniors present their projects to a panel of six judges, which in includes teachers and ...

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