Three middle-schoolers make varsity girls’ basketball team

Seventh-graders Adriah M. and Evrynn M. and an eighth-grader Evie H. have made the varsity girls’ basketball team.

“I always wanted to make varsity”, said Evie, who played on the varsity squad last year. “To make varsity as a seventh-grader I think is really cool. I enjoy playing, and the fact that the school allows you to play ‘up’ is really amazing.”

All three girls have played for many years before coming to West Shore, and even met each other along the way. Evrynn started playing on an ECU team in fifth grade, and Adriah joined the same team in sixth. Adriah and Evie also played together in an organization called Big City Basketball. Adriah’s older brother Isaiah, coached her and other players at BCB.

“I look up to my brother,” Adriah said. “He works hard every day to make me better as a player, and he pushes me to be better all around.”   

 While all three middle-schoolers stress academics over sports, Evie said she believes her studies will provide her a larger range of opportunities in college.

“I’m planning for a scholarship for completely [different] things”, she said. “Basketball is just something I do to enjoy myself. It wouldn’t be the reason I go to college or that I get a scholarship. Hopefully, my academics can do that for me”.

By Jack Boucher

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.