Super Bowl raises value of fantasy football prospects

Kansas City’s 38-35 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Feb,. 12 signaled the end of the NFL season, but fantasy football players watching the game already have begun planning for next season.

The two teams consisted of the two best quarterbacks of the season, number one being Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and number two being Eagles Quarterback, Jaylen Hurts. Mahomes threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for another 29 yards and one touchdown, he was granted the award of Super Bowl MVP. Combined, that is a total of about 29 fantasy points. Hurts threw for 304 yards and one touchdown, and 70 yards and three rushing touchdowns, combining for 41 fantasy points. 

Junior Kate Burgess said she was impressed with Mahomes’ performance. 

“After watching this year’s Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes had such a good performance especially after playing through his ankle injury mid game,” she said. “He really led his team after being down at half. He really makes me want to become an NFL wife.”

Apart from the quarterbacks, other players became big fantasy prospects for next season. Current Chiefs and former Florida Gators wide receiver Kadarius Toney became a valued prospect after his touchdown in the fourth quarter. 

Sophomore Carter Newlin said he was excited about Toney’s performance. 

“No one is stopping me from drafting Kadarius Toney next season after his touchdown. Absolutely class.” Newlin said.

Other players such as Isiah Pacheco and DaVonta Smith are also new prospects for the next season. Pacheco had 76 rushing yards and a touchdown, and Smith had 100 receiving yards and seven receptions. 

By Maximus Carl