Satellite edges depleted boys’ team 2-1

With the absence of seven players who were playing in the Capital Area Soccer League tournament in North Carolina, the boys’ varsity soccer team lost to Satellite 2-1 Thursday.

“We knew that we were going to be missing most of our starting line up, so we tried to reschedule the game with Satellite, but they told us no,” sophomore goalkeeper Cooper Stein said. “It’s frustrating because we knew we could have won that game, but the loss of our seven players it made the game much more difficult.”

Junior Cameron Yeutter scored the Wildcats’ only goal on a penalty kick in the last quarter of the game.

“Cameron’s goal allowed us to get the score to 2-1 which at least stopped the final score from being a shutout,” sophomore Jacob Klenotich said.”

Both Stein and Yeutter received yellow cards.

“I had hit the ball away but he didn’t go very far, so I came outside the box and started fighting for the ball against one of Satellite’s players,”  Stein said. “I guess I gave him a shove at the end and they got a foul outside the box and the ref gave me a yellow, which was a little scary because for high school you have to come off the field when given a yellow before coming back on. Cameron had to step in goal for a minute and saved the shot that was taken from the foul.”

The boys will play host to Palm Bay on Nov. 28 with the junior-varsity game scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m.

By Courtney Carter