Club soccer temporarily ends season

Space Coast United, Indialantic, and Brevard Soccer Alliance are the three most popular soccer clubs that West Shore players play on. Since Oct. 17 club soccer has temporarily ended its season, due to the start of the West Shore soccer season. While both soccer teams are involved in competition and routine practices, the players get a different experience from the two teams.

“High school soccer has a wider range of players,”junior Brandon Benitez said. “Its more fun hanging out with friends, and there’s more bonding opportunities. There’s also a lot more conditioning, but with less focus on strategies. Club soccer has harder training sessions, there is more focus on team skills, and we play harder teams. We also have to travel a lot, which makes it more tiring. Club soccer focuses on building and improving skill, confidence, fitness, and teamwork. It helps prepare players’ for playing on their high school team, college team or even a U.S national team someday. While high school teams just focus on training for their season games.”

The players also pay different loyalty to the two differing teams.

“I work much harder for my club team,” junior Johnny Sorgenfrei said. “We pay tons of money for it, there also better training, and there is more chances to be discovered by colleges or professional teams.”

Club soccer will return in February after the high school season.

By Ryan Patel