Spanish Honor Society joins forces with Mel-Hi

The Spanish Honor Society recently announced plans to work with its counterpart at Melbourne High School to feed the hungry in the Melbourne area.

“When I went to go talk to their Spanish Honor Society, they all thought it was a great idea,” President Christy Hernandez said. “We all agreed that a food drive for the poor would impact the community.”

Historian Shivani Laloo said the food drive would help them accomplish one of their goals: to do something that has not been done by Spanish Honor Society before.

“We want people to remember us,” Laloo said, adding that the club looks to set a pattern for future members to follow.

Secretary Natalia Marmol said she hopes to work with the Melbourne High School Spanish Honor Society so that maybe other schools would join and help out as well.

“The more people we get involved, the better it would be for the community,” Marmol said.

Sponsor Awilda Marti supports the members with this idea and said it will benefit the community.

“These kids are great,” Marti said. “I’m very proud to be their sponsor since this is such a different idea that will help the poor greatly.”

By Michelle Maldonado