Spanish Honor plans for inductions

So far, nothing is set in stone for the Spanish Honor Society’s induction ceremony. But, according to club Secretary Natalia Marmol the club members are thinking of some ideas concerning what to do in preparation for it.

“We want to make the induction as soon as possible,” Marmol said. “Therefore we are thinking about having the ceremony in the courtyard after school one day.”

Club member Alicia Ortiz pitched in the idea of decorating the courtyard with Christmas lights to make it look nice.

“I hope it’s cool outside,” she said. “So that we can use gold and red Christmas lights since those are the colors that represent the Spanish Honor Society.”

President Christy Hernandez said she did not want to have the same desserts that are at the other inductions.

“We wanted to make the ceremony different than any other induction.” Hernandez said. “We thought about having Spanish food instead.”

Club sponsor Awilda Marti is not requiring the club members to dress up for the ceremony.

“Former students are to wear their Spanish Honor Society T-shirts with jeans,” Marti said. “I rather the ceremony look uniform.”

By Michelle Maldonado