Spanish Honor gears up for induction

Members of the Spanish Honor Society are preparing for the upcoming induction ceremony. But according to the club secretary Natalia Marmol, in previous years not many people have shown up to the ceremonies to be inducted.

“Hopefully this year’s induction will have a good turnout when compared to previous years,” Marmol said.

“Last year’s induction was held in Senora [Aida] Martinez’s classroom, not in the media center. The inductions were not as formal as we hope this year to be,” club historian Shivani Laloo said.

“Many parents didn’t attend because there wasn’t any formal invitations handed out to the students,” Laloo said. “

The members have finished designing the invitations to the induction for the members and their families a week before the induction.  According to sponsor Awilda Marti, the club has been preparing for this induction for more than a month.

“I hope that the ceremony is held to high standards,” Marti said. “That is representative of the honor society as a whole.”

By Michelle Maldonado