Sophomore Class plans sweatshirt fund-raiser

Members of the Sophomore Class Club have decided on the design for the class sweatshirt. They showcased their idea at the sophomore social Monday during the Feb. 6 homeroom meeting.

“We tried to make them [the sweatshirts] so that they would represent our class well, yet made them kind of generic so everyone would like them,” club member Bridget Lee said.

However, it seems not everyone is in favor of the sweatshirts.

“I did not like the design for the sweatshirt,” Maya Burley said. “And even if I did, I probably wouldn’t buy one because it’s Florida and it’s hot.”

The sweatshirts will go on sale soon provided enough students will pay the $20-$25 to buy one.

“The prices were a little higher than expected,” Lee said. “So I’m hoping that the sophomores will be willing to pay the extra cost to fund-raise for their class.”

Even though Burley said T-shirts would be a cheaper, more sensible idea, several students attending the home social already have committed to buying a sweatshirt.

By Valerie Ferretti