Seniors prep for Thursday’s boards

With the school year ending soon, seniors will complete the last part of the Senior Project, which is the presentation on Thursday.  Amanda Farthing says she is looking forward to the end.

“I will be so relieved when they’re over, because I feel like it’s the last big thing that I have to worry about at West Shore, and after that it’ll be smooth sailing until graduation,” Farthing said.

The judges are people throughout the community.

“I am glad that the judges are people from the community since then I will not know them,” Scott Adams said. “I believe I will do better since I am more confortable presenting in front of people who I don’t know.”

Senior Alyssa Johnson says she is pleased that the project is almost complete.

“I’m excited for Thursday to come because then all of Senior Project will be over and I won’t have to worry about it anymore,” Johnson said.

Farthing says all the pressure has been building up to this moment.

“I’m definitely nervous for the presentations this Thursday,” Farthing said. “I’ve done plenty of PowerPoint presentations in my life but I feel like this one carries a lot more weight because it’s essentially what our last six years, or at least our last year have been leading up to.”

By Erin Sheridan